My first camera was a little Japanese all plastic camera my mother bought for me in the local pharmacy for $2. My first shot, when I was all of 4 or 5 years old, was of our dog Rusty on our front deck. I still remember how excited I was to take those first shots. Sadly, that camera didn't last too long, and my early dreams of becoming a photographer were soon deconstructed by my big sister, all in the name of science. Thanks Sis!

My next attempt to get into photography was thwarted by my grade 8 guidance councelor who deemed that "Photography 1" had too many kids in it, and a ninth 13 year old just wasn't going to work in the darkroom, no matter how keen they were.

That same councilor redeemed himself (if only slightly) in grade 10 by finding a photographer to take me on for a day after a career apptitude test placed me firmly in the realm of "Professional Photographer". My mentor for the day was a jaded wedding photographer who told me 90% of his job was running back and forth to the photo lab and retouching photo's of brides who thought they looked prettier than they were. I was foiled again!

It wasn't until the end of University that I began to get serious about photography. I took courses, conned and cajoled friends and aquantances to model for me, and began a life long love affair with travel and landscape photography. Along the way I decided that a full time career in photography was maybe a rougher road than I was willing to follow, so being an artsy kind of guy, I began to work in the Graphic Design field thanks to some courses and some very trusting employers.

For the last 14 years I have worked in the graphic design field and pursued my life long love of photography all while being a stay-at-home dad. This is all thanks to an absolutely amazing wife.